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Posted by: Martin Fussinger
Now is the time for Spring planting to get your garden looking great for Spring!

If you missed planting Spring flowering bulbs in the Autumn, now is the time to buy 'grown on' potted, Spring flowering bulbs to plant out in your garden now, or grow on in containers/baskets.

Here at Histon Plants, we are currently offering a comprehensive range of potted spring bulbs, grown on and ready to be planted now. These are supplied in 1L pots with between 4 - 6 bulbs per pot, depending on the species and size of the bulb. Every pot is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 4 bulbs (except Allium Purple Sensation).

Our 1L Spring bulb pots are all £3.00 each or 3 for £7.50 (unless otherwise specified). You can mix and match any species (eg. 1 x Daff + 1 x Tulip + 1 x Allium = £4, or buy 3 of the same species if you prefer).

We also have other Spring flowering annual and perennial plants to compliment your bulbs. ** A full list of our available potted bulbs and other Spring plants can be found on our 'Plants' page.


Posted by: Histon Plants
In recent years in the UK (and across Europe) there has been a serious decline in bee population numbers. Most of this thought to be attributed by the use of pesticides and loss of wildflower habitat, due to expanding crop fields and housing/commercial development.

Bees are an extremely important part of the eco-system, responsible for the majority of pollination of fruits, veg and flowers. Without bees, we would be in big trouble!

Here at Histon Plants, we have recognised this fact and decided to help the bees as much as we can! Therefore, the majority of the plants we produce are classed as 'bee friendly' plants.

Recent mainstream hybridisation of plants has lead to bigger, showier flowers which is great for people to look at and enjoy, but usually not so good for the bees. This is because a lot of this hybridising has lead to new species of plants being developed to have bigger, showier, often double blooms, but usually at the expense of a much lower pollen count.

Some of these new hybrids have very little or no pollen at all! This is obviously bad news for the bees! Therefore, at Histon Plants we mainly sell flowering plants with single blooms and a high pollen count.

We are not suggesting you can't grow these hybridised/double bloomed species at all (even we offer some double bloomed varieties and hybrids for sale), but we are suggesting that you mix it up a bit and include some plants in your garden that have single flowers and high pollen counts.

Bees absolutely love plants that have many tiny, single flowers on them, such as Alliums, Globe thistles, Asters, to name a few. These types of flowering plants have a much higher pollen count in a smaller area, which is much less hard work for the bees to find the pollen they need.

They work hard enough as it is!